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Do you think making a movie out of THE CATCHER IN THE RYE would be great?
Yes  (802)


No  (1137)


Total Votes: 1939

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it would be an awsome movie 12/19/01 12:31:52 PM
I think it would kinda give us a real look at what Holden really looks like and what the schools that he went to are like. 12/19/01 12:26:33 PM
i love that book, and I know everyone has said that but it is something I want to stay in my mind. My "mind movie" 12/17/01 10:35:02 PM
I think a movie of it would b interesting 2 see...even if it is crappy. We all know it could never come close 2 the real thing, but would b neat 2 c! 12/17/01 9:44:47 PM
it'd be great to see a movie of this often neglected classic for once 12/15/01 11:10:28 AM
unless copolla or godard makes it 12/12/01 4:19:09 PM
Because they would cast Keanu or Brad Pitt. It would be 'phony'. 12/9/01 10:16:57 PM
b/c it would ruin the book and we won't be able to relate to it no more 12/7/01 12:27:51 AM
It's a book written to imagine!!! 12/4/01 12:52:07 PM
I wonder if the director would have the movie from only Holdens point of view or would he have Holden narrate the movie as well? 12/3/01 9:55:49 PM
Poll User Comments 81 - 90
I wonder if the director would have the movie from only Holdens point of view or would he have Holden narrate the movie as well? 12/3/01 9:55:28 PM
This movie would be a very interesting movie to see because I wonder if the director would follow the book or would have to change it. Would the autho 12/3/01 9:51:59 PM
what makes this story so special is that we are 'listening' to Holden's thoughts...even a well narrated movie couldn't pull that off quite so effectiv 12/1/01 8:35:44 AM
No! because I would have to go see the movie and my whole perspection of the book will change so no... Remember"Movies are full off phonies, right? 11/30/01 2:10:06 AM
I love this story it will just F up the pictures in the heads of those who read it 11/30/01 2:01:54 AM
for me, turning cr into a movie would never hold the same feeling as when i first read it 11/26/01 6:05:35 PM
The book was bad and the movie would be worse 11/26/01 12:01:48 PM
if they would make the movie they should, by expresing holdens attitude, and holdens fear , and how sometimes he talks to Allie , welll yeah 11/25/01 8:12:55 PM
if they would make the movie they should, by expresing holdens attitude, and holdens fear , and how sometimes he talks to Allie , welll yeah 11/25/01 5:19:08 PM
It would allow anyone to realize we all are "phonies" and that it is truly possible to change 11/24/01 4:07:47 PM
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for the same reasons as you stated...I have a nice image of everything in the book and I dont want it spoiled 11/21/01 2:46:00 PM
It would take all of the imagination and would be hard to include parts where Holden is talking to us. A movie is never the same as the book,. 11/17/01 9:46:41 PM
Yes because I believe that's a great book 11/17/01 2:31:34 AM
I like the book and I would like to see a movie on the book 11/16/01 9:32:00 AM
never convert a great work of literature into a movie. IT WILL SUCK!!! 11/15/01 5:27:21 PM
I agree with Salinger - Holden would be sick at the creation of a movie of his life - it would just be so phony 11/13/01 7:09:53 AM
ha, that's rich 11/13/01 12:13:19 AM
yea, ur right, it would suck! 11/12/01 7:18:32 PM
Then kids wouldn't read the book. And, Holden hates the movies (even though he goes to the matinees.) But, Holden loves to read a good book. 11/10/01 11:55:38 PM
Holden himself hated movies. Anyone who would see it didn't get the point. 11/8/01 11:36:08 PM

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I would like a movie about catcher, but there is so much debate about the true meaning of the book. no hollywood crap though, an independent movie pls 11/5/01 2:49:23 PM
Yeah! In fact, I've already made a start on one! Well, they ruined High Fidelity but a good Catcher movie could really knock a few people out. 11/5/01 6:37:24 AM
J.D. Has a point, quite valid, indeed, Holden's the man, he might get a bang out of it, just because it would be so IRONIC and all... 11/2/01 5:04:44 AM
truth of the world is always dangerous.or you stand there burning books to hide the truth. 10/31/01 10:27:56 AM
I would be interested in writing a screenplay and producing the movie The Catcher In The Rye. If you are interested you can contact me: Ryanski1@AOL 10/29/01 4:53:29 PM
i think it would than we can see the book come to life with todays carters in it because it is reall life in the book. 10/23/01 10:09:06 AM
I've read the book close to 7 times now, and because of that I think my expectations of Holden's appearance would be too high for any actor to achieve 10/21/01 6:19:50 PM
I think Spielberg could pull it off. 10/21/01 12:07:52 AM
movie rules!! 10/16/01 9:53:12 PM
movie rules!! 10/16/01 9:53:06 PM
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It just wouldnt be the same as the book, jsut not as interesting 10/16/01 8:45:41 PM
I wouldnt be the same as the book, jsut not as interesting 10/16/01 8:45:10 PM
Holden hated the movies they were"phony" 10/16/01 7:44:08 PM
it's the best book in the entire world, the movie would be a succes 10/16/01 4:20:29 PM
this book was stupid and boring with no point to it at all. The person who wrote this was disturbded 10/16/01 11:23:23 AM
this book was stupid and boring with no point to it at all. The person who wrote this was disturbded 10/16/01 11:21:24 AM
great book 10/14/01 12:22:45 PM
it's time to see film revolutionized. no phony film: something completely f#!@%d up and different. a film that wouldn't replace old holden with some 10/8/01 6:26:00 PM
because it was too good of a book to be ruined by a Hollywood film. 10/7/01 7:58:06 PM

Poll Results on Nov 3, 2000:

Do you think making a movie out of THE CATCHER IN THE RYE would be great?


Yes  (120)



No  (220)


Total Votes: 340

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It is the best book I have ever read in my life, as a teenager I feel I can relate myself to Holden very much.

11/3/00 6:53:59 PM

h.c. would probably be played by some well-adjusted photogenic hollywood brat without the sensitivity to play him convincingly

11/3/00 5:00:58 AM

I would like it, but so many phony people would not understand it, even if they said they did.

11/2/00 6:07:03 PM

everybody should make their own imaginations

10/27/00 1:32:11 AM

If it was possible to accurately portray Holden's character and outlook the movie would be 20 hours long!

10/22/00 8:46:47 PM

The movie could never portray all of Holden's thoughts that we read in the movie. Besides, the book is always better.

10/22/00 8:18:14 PM

It would ruin the whole essence of the novel.

10/17/00 3:39:28 PM

It would be phony

10/16/00 2:48:41 PM

it was the most amazing movie ever

10/15/00 4:11:27 PM

Absolutely not, Holden hated the movies

10/15/00 10:39:26 AM


Poll User Comments 31 - 40

Good luck getting a 16 year old to act.

10/10/00 6:30:45 PM

I can't imagine what Holden looks like, but I don't want someone to tell me what he looks like.

10/10/00 6:29:04 PM

Holden may have said he doesn't like yhe movies, but he also says he lies. With the right script and characters the movie would be great.

10/9/00 8:11:14 PM

taint write'

10/8/00 10:10:12 AM

No, I think it would be a bad idea to recreate Holden's image in a film, just because such a complex character can't be completely shown in a movie

10/8/00 9:44:04 AM

i agree with jd. . .holden wouldn't like it

10/7/00 10:14:09 AM

yes , i think it would , but the only actor i can see playing holden would be leonardo dicaprio. otherwise the movie shouldnt be made

10/5/00 11:52:17 PM


10/4/00 8:40:58 AM

gros caca

10/4/00 8:40:49 AM


10/4/00 8:40:18 AM


Poll User Comments 21 - 30


10/4/00 8:40:14 AM

Holden hates the "goddam" movies,it would be disturbing to make a film about him.

10/4/00 3:34:03 AM

i would only do it for the money

10/2/00 6:42:27 AM

I am always interested in a movie of any book that I read. This one in particular, I would love to see someone accomplish a movie.

9/30/00 2:06:19 PM

terrible idea

9/27/00 7:39:06 PM

Holden is a part of everyone. His image must be created by each individual not the silver screen.

9/27/00 11:31:39 AM

it would probrably be good since the book sucks

9/25/00 10:27:20 AM

it depends on who did it, if it was independent i think it would be ok

9/18/00 8:01:30 PM

Salinger is right. Holden would despise the idea of being portrayed in a movie. J.T. - Minneapolis

9/18/00 9:31:09 AM

you people don't know what you are talking about

9/14/00 3:21:33 PM


Poll User Comments 11 - 20

It would be aguinst everything that Holden believes in

9/9/00 8:39:53 AM

of course not! Every good novel that is turned into a movie turns out to be crap! If someone wants to experience this story, the book is grand (Holden

8/29/00 7:21:25 PM

why shouldn't it be made into a movie? American Pie is probably worse

8/29/00 11:05:59 AM

it should be a movie because it tells the truth about real life

8/29/00 11:04:56 AM

It would probably star Leonardo di Carpio!

8/25/00 12:45:46 PM

agreed that a character we've so revered shouldn't be attached to a face or a director's "vision"

8/14/00 1:16:58 PM

i think it would be a really bad idea because i now have my own images of Holden and that image would be totally ruined by an actor who would then be

8/7/00 4:07:07 PM

call me, i want to play holden

8/5/00 2:57:59 PM

A director would probably either emphasize the foul language or cut it out altogether. Either of which would stir up more controversy and deflate CR.

8/1/00 2:35:02 PM

The book would lose its 'importance'. It's hated and loved at the same time. A movie would 'block' new readers...

8/1/00 11:46:29 AM


Poll User Comments 1 - 10

Even though I would like to see the movie if it ever would be made, I can hardly imagen it beeing as great as the book!!

7/28/00 6:37:36 AM

Eaxh one of us holds an entirely diverse opinion of the people and events in the novel to portray one persons view on the novel would be wrong. LR

7/27/00 12:12:50 PM

It would be another "Breakfast of Champions," and ruin everything.

7/21/00 7:21:24 PM

As Holden says, Movie's are full of phony actors.

7/20/00 2:07:53 PM

what a dumb idea.

7/14/00 6:57:40 PM

Holden would not like that!

7/12/00 4:35:08 PM

Why make a movie out of a book in which the protagonist despises everything there is about movies?

7/10/00 4:29:31 PM

ALthough there would be a certain amount of irony surrounding CR the movie, and it would probably be a great movie, it would spoil the book completely

7/5/00 10:38:54 AM

It would be great if they follow the book exactly but also everyone's perspective of the whole scene, settings, actors and details would be disorted.

7/1/00 11:45:40 AM

I think Holden wouldn't like the idea.

6/24/00 6:26:04 AM


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