INTRODUCTORY NOTE. On January 23, 2001, I found the following somewhat crumpled newspaper clipping in the diary of my late aunt, Mrs Martha Frampton. Strictly speaking, this item may not be a piece of art, but upon second thoughts I decided to send it to Ms Morine nevertheless.
- Henry Frampton, New York

On the Bananafish mailing list, someone commented:

"I rather love Henry Frampton's entry, which made me blink not once or twice, but three full, all-out blinks.  I love it.  I love entering into a parallel universe of any construction as long as it makes me really think about where I might REALLY be. Go, Henry!"

Well, that was exactly what I had in mind the Blinkie Effect!

   Perhaps the biggest compliment came from a moron (read on and you'll see that that word is a euphemism) who wrote the following comment into Suzanne Morine's guestbook during the art contest. Obviously he was so dumb that he thought the clipping was authentic:

   What the hell is that Newspaper supposed to be? Ohh look I underlined some crap that (sic) and entered it into an art contest! Could you please teach me how to underline words as beautifully as you do! I would really appreciate it then I could show everyone how good I can underline and they would all like me! Please!  (Thursday April 26th 2001)




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